8200 Series

Vertical Fold Flat

8200 Series is vertical foldable respirator. These lightweight respirators offer clear vision with no possibility of obstructed views. They are available in a wide range of versions as shown below as well as for protection for a variety of industrial situations:

  • 8210 FFP1 NR
  • 8212 FFP1 NR w/ Valve
  • 8214 FFP1 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 8216 FFP1 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8220 FFP2 NR
  • 8222 FFP2 NR w/ Valve
  • 8224 FFP1 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 8226 FFP2 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8232 FFP3 NR w/ Valve

The vertical fold flat respirators are commonly worn over the breathing passages of a person for at least one of two common purposes to prevent impurities or contaminants from entering the wearer’s breathing track.

  • One size respirator designed to fit most face sizes and shapes.
  • Continuous loop design can allow to hang the mask around the neck when not in use.
  • Individually sealed for hygiene and carrying convenience.
  • Offered in valve and non-valved versions.
  • Thanks to its vertical folding shape, the mask grants a wide field of view, an efficient adherence to the face and an appropriate comfort.
  • FFP3 masks have an APF (Assigned Protection Factor) of 20, therefore if worn correctly; they will reduce exposure by at least a factor of twenty.
HY8220 FFP2 Face Mask NR (Box of 20)
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