8600 Series

Classic Moulded Cup Shape

8600 Series are Handanhy’s standard size respiratory masks which has been specifically designed to fit all face sizes. 8 models to applied for variety of usages:

  • 8610 FFP1 NR
  • 8612 FFP1 NR w/ Valve
  • 8614 FFP1 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 8616 FFP1 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8620 FFP2 NR
  • 8622 FFP2 NR w/ Valve
  • 8626 FFP2 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8632 FFP3 NR w/ Valve

Approved for use against solid and liquid aerosols as per to EN149:2001+A1:2009 standards providing security against high toxicity harmful materials.

  • Contoured mask fits with the natural shape of the face, minimizing pressure points.
  • Dual welded head straps on FFP3 model secure the respirator comfortably on the user’s face.
  • Molded nose bridge reduces adjustment needed to insure proper fit and is compatible with spectacles.
  • P.P. inner/outer layers provide smooth lining and comfortable feel.
  • Offered in valve and non-valved versions.