9900 Series

Preformed Cup Shape with Mesh

Mesh Molded cup disposable respirator with or without exhalation valve has strong and rigid outer shell that prevents mask from collapse in high humidity. Meantime, the exclusive design and shape contours with the natural shape of the face and comfortably fits a variety of face shapes and sizes. Headband lacing system and integrated sealing lips in all protection classes make it easy to fit these masks correctly and to wear them comfortably for long periods. 9900 respirators are universal very much similar to the 8600 series respirators, one size respirators designed to fit most face sizes and shapes.

9 models to applied for variety of usages:

  • 9910 FFP1 NR
  • 9912 FFP1 NR w/ Valve
  • 9914 FFP1 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 9916 FFP1 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 9920 FFP2 NR
  • 9922 FFP2 NR w/ Valve
  • 9926 FFP2 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 9930 FFP3 NR
  • 9932 FFP3 NR w/ Valve

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