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HY Medical is customer face team of our factory Handanhy, a specialist manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment since 1989. Our PPE been recognised by more than 5000 business clients in more than 30 countries, including France, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Greece, America, Canada, Russia, Japan, Ireland, France, Germany, Singapore etc...


Disposable Respirator

EN149 FFP1/FFP2/FFP3 Nrd

Ideal for sanding, sweeping, grinding, bagging and other dust involving operations, Handanhy disposable respirators include design innovations that set them apart from the competition.


en14683 type I/II/IIR

A surgical mask is a medical device covering the mouth, nose and chin ensuring a barrier that limits the transition of an infective agent between the hospital staff and the patient. It was originally developed to contain and filter large droplets of microorganisms expelled from the mouth and nasopharynx of healthcare workers during surgery, thereby providing protection for the patient.

Protective Coverall

ppe Category III Type 3B/4B/5B/6B

Ideal consideration of safety, durability and comfort, our range of protective clothing include chemical protective clothing with CE 0120 certificate and general protective clothing with variety of applications.

Reusable Respirator

EN149 FFP1/FFP2/FFP3 Nrd

Available in different sizes, we manufacture amazingly comfortable and durable half masks and filters. Most half respirators and filter components have received CE certification and AS/NZS certification so far.

Melt-blown Filter Media


Handanhy has expertise in different air filtration media, such as polypropylene filter media, polyester filter media and composite filter media, we manufacture the top notch products in every aspect.

Surgical gown

CE EN13795-1

A surgical gown is a personal protective garment intended to be worn by health care personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and health care personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter.



80 MILLION face Masks
1 million sqm factory
5000+ Clients
1000+ Employees
30+ countries