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Your Safety Is Our Business
For 30 years, we have been striving to be the best in respiratory protection. Our focus on producing leading respiratory protection products at the best price ensures you will not find a better solution elsewhere.

Handanhy was founded over 30 years ago. In that time, we have grown from a small business to a leading manufacturer of disposable respirator masks, reusable respirators, filters, medical masks, air filter media, coveralls, and surgical gowns. As a market leading organisation, our products are used in over 40 countries throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

Handanhy combines a no compromise approach to quality with a knowledgeable and dependable service. We use high-specification machines that are operated by skilled and experienced professionals. This enables us to manufacture all the components to the highest possible standard, and in turn, provide you with an efficient service and affordable respiratory protection. We use state-of-the-art test instruments and perform strict quality audits to ensure that we provide quality you can rely on – after all, your safety is our business.

We have been producing raw materials since 1989; ensuring the highest quality and safety possible. Over time, we started to develop full respirators, using our expertise to apply quality control at each phase of the process. That allows us to create a finished product that is perfect on every level. We have 30 years of experience and pride ourselves on creating the best quality products available. In fact, you’ve probably already used our products. Other brands are so impressed with our quality and safety that they rebrand our respirators (OEM).

Unlike many other companies, we also produce lots of very specific products to accommodate every need. We have seven series of respirators to fit all shapes and sizes of faces and are proud to be the leaders in innovation and technology within the respiratory protection market.

  • 1988 – Heng Yong Filtration Material Factory was built in Yongnian County.
  • 1992 – We used the raw materials to develop a personal protection disposable respirator and nonwoven battery separator.
  • 1994 – Yongnian filter material factory undertook a joint venture with a United States company to create Handan Hengyong Protective & Clean Products Co., Ltd. Hengyong helped to produce battery separator industry standards.
  • 1996 – We became the leading manufacturer of personal protection filtration paper.
  • 1998 – We introduced high-efficiency filtration technology and developed the protection equipment needle filtration material.
  • 2000 – Our sales exceeded RMB 10 million
  • 2001 – Handan Hengyong Company (Handanhy) was formed in Yongnian County.
  • 2002 – Opened new Hengyong company factory and Shijiazhuang branch.
  • 2003 – We were named ‘The national SARS protective equipment designated suppliers’ during the SARS epidemic period. Our output reached 35 million.
  • 2006 – A new branch opened in Dongguan to produce protective clothing.
  • 2011 – Our UK branch was set up in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • 2013 – Hengyong and Tianjin Polytechnic University were jointly awarded the second prize for a national scientific and technological progress project.
  • 2015 – Our new base in Yongnian County started production.
  • 2019 – An additional factory was built.
  • 2020 – We worked together with the health departments of many countries, such as the DHSC and NHS UK, to fight Covid-19.

Every single one of our respiratory protection products goes through rigorous testing and we have many industry accreditations. That includes: :

  • Accredited by SGS ISO 9001:2015 for our Quality Management Systems.
  • Accredited by SGS ISO 14001:2015 for our Environmental Management Systems.
  • Disposable respirators conform to PPE (EU) 2016/425, BSI EN 149:2001+A1:2009. 
  • Surgical masks conform to EN 14683:2019 and are UK MHRA Registered.
  • CE 2797 -  BSI certified - notified body for more than 15 years.
  • BSI Module D, strict ongoing surveillance and annual audits under PPE Regulations.
  • Coveralls conform to EN 14126, EN 14605, EN 13982 and EN 13034.
  • Australian Standard - AS/NZS 1716:2003.
  • UL Certified, REACH, SVHC and ROHS.

HY Medical Limited, the UK Distributor of Handanhy (Handan Hengyong Protective & Clean Products Co., Ltd), providing a tailored service to European and UK markets. By researching the local market and listening to our customers' feedback, we can develop and provide you with the highest-quality products when compared to our competitors in the market.

HY Medical works as a customer facing team, providing support to our distributors, retailers and end-users. We take the time to understand the requirements and respond to enquiries from local customers who are navigating the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our products are available through our UK warehouse to all our UK and EU clients.

This level of service is so important in such a time of crisis. We want to help those who need and deserve the very best respiratory protection the most, such as NHS staff and vital key workers. If you are a nonprofit organisation such as a charity or special needs school and need help with PPE, please do not hesitate to get in touch.