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Air Filter Media

Handanhy specialize in various types of filter media, such as polypropylene filter media, polyester filter media and composite filter media. Process technologies include melt-blown, needle-punched and laminated composites (adhesive, ultrasonic, etc.). The products are widely applied in industrial air filtration; vacuum cleaner filtration; vehicle cabin filtration; and protective respirators and clothing.

Top-class engineering and assiduous attention to detail means you can be assured that our products do not just meet but exceed regulatory standards. Among our versatile range you will find media to suit any environment, and which can be used with any type of pleating equipment, helping to provide clients with durable solutions whilst also reducing energy costs.


Made from special polypropylene resins using innovative techniques, melt-blown filter media is a highly efficient solution for high-performance filters. Increased density means greater capacity for containing dust and a longer lifespan for the product. Click the images below to find out more information.  


Composite fiber filter media consists of a fibrous filtration layer and pleatable stiffening layers which help to increase the capacity to hold dust. A flexible covering layer helps to stop the loss of fibers, prolonging the lifespan of products. Composite fiber filter media is used in bag filters, panel filters and in general ventilation systems.  


These are the latest in our range of products, including Activated Carbon Composite Filter Media, Auto Ceiling Fan Media and Filter Core of Wet Film Humidifier. Please click the images to find out more information.