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Types of Personal Protective Equipment

We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing all types of personal protective equipment, so you can breathe easy with Handanhy.

Disposable Respirators

This extensive range of high-quality disposable respirator masks is ideal for reducing your exposure to airborne particles that can be inhaled.

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Reusable Respirators

Handanhy’s innovative and affordable reusable respirators are perfectly suited to environments that require respiratory protection.

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Surgical Face Masks

Our comfortable and cost-effective surgical face masks provide the wearer with protection from harmful particles.

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Chemical & Hazard Protective Clothing

Handanhy manufacturers a variety of personal coverings that provide superior protection from a range of hazardous substances.

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Surgical Gowns

These surgical gowns reduce the risk of contamination from harmful substances and are available in sizes to suit you.

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Air Filter Media

Specifically designed for the application of air and liquid filtration, our collection of melt-blown filter media is both affordable and high-quality.

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