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A surgical mask is a medical device covering the mouth, nose and chin ensuring a barrier that limits the transition of an infective agent between the hospital staff and the patient. It was originally developed to contain and filter large droplets of microorganisms expelled from the mouth and nasopharynx of healthcare workers during surgery, thereby providing protection for the patient.
The main objective of wearing a surgical mask is to protect the direct environment of the wearer from contamination.


  • Primary purpose is to prevent particles being expelled by the wearer into the
  • environment.
  • Are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Are not necessarily designed to seal tightly to the face, therefore air leakage
  • around the edges is likely.
  • Some surgical masks are also designed to be fluid resistant to splash and splatter
  • of blood and other infectious materials.
  • Surgical masks do not require a fit test.
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