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Horizontal Fold Flat

Thanks to its horizontal folding shape, the mask grants a wide field of view, an efficient adherence to the face and an appropriate comfort. It is equipped with a hygienically small bag which allows the use when it is necessary. The elastic bands slide along the mask to hang up the respirator around the neck when the mask is not used. There are no exposed metal components; the external nosepiece used to adjust the mask on the face is metal coated. Structure and materials are long lasting and avoid the collapse in humid environments.No staple used. Avoid the contact between skin and metal and suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed. Offered in valve and non-valved versions.

9 models to applied for variety of usages:

  • 8910 FFP1 NR
  • 8912 FFP1 NR w/ Valve
  • 8914 FFP1 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 8916 FFP1 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8920 FFP2 NR
  • 8922 FFP2 NR w/ Valve
  • 8924 FFP2 NR w/ Charcoal
  • 8926 FFP2 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 8932 FFP3 NR w/ Valve

Approved for use against solid and liquid aerosols as per to EN149:2001+A1:2009 standards providing security against high toxicity harmful materials. 

  • Contoured mask fits with the natural shape of the face, minimizing pressure points.
  • Dual welded head straps on FFP3 model secure the respirator comfortably on the user’s face.
  • Molded nose bridge reduces adjustment needed to insure proper fit and is compatible with spectacles.
  • P.P. inner/outer layers provide smooth lining and comfortable feel.
  • Offered in valve and non-valved versions.
HY8920 FFP2 NR Unvalved (Box of 20)
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