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Cymbiform Fold Flat

Handanhy’s fold flat respirators consist of classic folding and cup-shaped face masks which fit different face shapes. 9300 Series Respirators designed to seal to the face of the wearer. Therefore most of the inhaled air is drawn through the filter media and does not leak through gaps between the respirator and the wearer’s face. 9 models to applied for variety of usages:

  • 9310 FFP1 NR
  • 9312 FFP1 NR w/ Valve
  • 9316 FFP1 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 9320 FFP2 NR
  • 9322 FFP2 NR w/ Valve
  • 9326 FFP2 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal
  • 9330 FFP3 NR
  • 8632 FFP3 NR w/ Valve
  • 9336 FFP3 NR w/ Valve & Charcoal

Flat Fold Respirator Masks are very lightweight disposable dust mask with or without valve for protection. They are known to provide complete protection against very fine dusts, fibers, aqueous mists and oil based mists.

  • No staple used. Avoid the contact between skin and metal and suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed.
  • Continuous loop design can allow to hang the mask around the neck when not in use.
  • P.P. inner/outer layers provide smooth lining and comfortable feel.
  • Protects against mechanically generated coarse health hazardous dry and liquid air-bourne particles.
  • Highest quality filter material on FFP3 models for capture of fine metal or wood dusts, quartz dust, pollens and liquid mists.
  • Individually sealed for hygiene and carrying convenience.


  • Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009
  • Super fold flat design, 3D structure and large filtration area
  • Individually hygienically packed
  • Latex-free head straps and inserted nose clip
  • Colour coded for ease of identification -Yellow FFP1, Blue FFP2, Grey with charcoal and White FFP3
  • Exhalation valve reduces hot air buildup and easy breath in hot.humid environments
  • Activated Charcoal offers relief from nuisance organic vapors (below WEL)
  • Pass the Optional Dolomite (D) clogging test and very low breathing resistance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Compatible with a wide range of other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Nine models available – including valved and charcoal containing options
HY9320 FFP2 Respirator NR Unvalved (Box of 20)
£ 90.00 £ 65.98 65.98 GBP
HY9322 FFP2 Respirator NR Valved (Box of 10)
£ 54.00 £ 33.58 33.58 GBP